The Catalyst Scholars

Leadership Development Program for Future Healthcare Professionals

The definition of responsible healthcare leadership has evolved greatly in the last few decades. Given the magnitude and complexity of large scale global healthcare challenges, leaders need to be ethical, dynamic, and self-aware.

We help our Scholars imbibe these traits through networking, structured programming, and mentorship. Our program creates the foundation for the next generation of leaders to bring to life ideas that create a better world.

How We Help You

Become a Better Leader

Open Dialogue

We facilitate conversations between our Scholars and leaders in different healthcare fields. These include high-achieving medical practitioners such as doctors, healthcare activists, policy-makers, healthcare administrators, and more. Through open and honest dialogue, they give Scholars an intimate look at the struggles, successes, and sacrifices that got them to where they are today.

Thought-Leadership Development

Our programming helps Catalyst Scholars become figureheads that peers, colleagues, other healthcare leaders can look up to for advice and expertise. One does not become a thought-leader overnight; it takes years to cultivate that status. Through annual conferences, networking events, and employment support, we want to help our Scholars develop informed perspectives rooted in expertise and principles.

Thoughtful Action

We believe that simply thinking or discussing is not enough. Just as it is important to develop an informed perspective, it is imperative to act on one’s learnings. We organize hands-on workshops, conferences, seminars, and much more to put thought into action. Through these events, we energize, infect, and teach healthcare leadership to scale medical and non-medical solutions to solve healthcare challenges worldwide.

Inclusive Impact

Building and maintaining an inclusive outlook is imperative to creating a successful healthcare ecosystem in the 21st century. Supported by us, Catalyst Scholars play an active role in their communities as activists, changemakers, and leaders. They mobilize resources, educate peers, and dedicate themselves to promoting the clinical mission of healthcare - providing healthcare outcomes for all.

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