Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions listed in this document govern the Catalyst $100K Award. These terms are subject to change and the Board of The Catalyst Scholars (“Board”) has the final say on the validity of these policies. The Board’s policies can supersede anything written in this document.

By deciding to apply to or accept the Catalyst Scholars $100K, the prospective grantee agrees to the terms and conditions listed below:

  1. The recipient must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English to get accepted and succeed at a graduate institution in the United States.
  1. The recipient must get written approval from The Catalyst Scholars should they be awarded a scholarship for a specific institution and program and decide to switch to a different institution or program.
  1. It is up to the recipient to make sure they are allowed to legally stay and study in the US. The Catalyst Scholars hold the right to immediately revoke any scholarship in case the recipient is no longer able to stay in the US for their education.
  1. It is up to the Board to decide how many scholarships will be awarded in a given year. This number is dependent on the quality of applications received in a given year. As such, it is unlikely but possible that no awards are granted in a certain year.
  1. Rights and responsibilities of the Catalyst $100K Award recipients:
  • In accordance with U.S. law, all applicants and recipients of the Catalyst $100K Award will have full academic and artistic freedom, including freedom to write, publish and create, and no award granted by the Board may be revoked or diminished on account of the political views expressed by the recipient or on account of any scholarly or artistic freedom normally observed in higher education in the United States. It is the policy of the Board to ensure that the academic and artistic freedoms of all persons receiving grants are protected.
  • Any individual accepting The Catalyst $100K Award does not become an employee, agent, or contractor of The Catalyst Scholars or any of its affiliated organizations.
  • Recipients are free to share their experiences as a Catalyst Scholar through social media platforms, websites, blogs, or other online channels. However, it is the recipient’s responsibility to make sure they do not post any offensive, derogatory, or inappropriate material. The Catalyst Scholars has the right to revoke the scholarship should this rule be violated.
  1. The recipient may defer the grant for up to one year of study. The recipient must apply for this deferral. If the reason for requesting a deferral is found to be inappropriate or unjustified, the Board has the right to refuse the deferral request.
  1. The Board has the final authority to decide if an application meets the requirements to proceed to the subsequent application round as per the application process described on the Catalyst Scholars’ website.
  1. The final scholarship amount will be determined by The Board. The Catalyst Scholars awards up to $100,000 towards tuition and living expenses for selected individuals. However, that does not mean every recipient will be awarded the maximum amount. The Board’s decision to reward the final amount will be made on the basis of: (i) academic excellence, (ii) demonstrated civic leadership, (iii) independence of thought, and (iv) ambition and vision to become a changemaker.
  1. Catalyst Scholars has the right to deny a scholarship grant to persons arrested for, indicted for, charged with or convicted of a crime.
  • An applicant or recipient who, before, during, or after the time of application has been convicted of commission of a crime (excluding minor traffic violations) must inform Catalyst Scholars of such fact.
  • Even if the applicant or recipient was arrested or charged with a crime and the criminal investigation is ongoing, it is the applicant or recipient’s responsibility to inform Catalyst Scholars of such fact.
  • Once Catalyst Scholars is apprised of the investigation, indictment, or arrest, it is up to Catalyst Scholars the Board to decide whether the applicant or recipient will be eligible for the scholarship. While making this decision, Catalyst Scholars will evaluate whether the applicant or recipient’s actions represent a lack of moral or social attitude desired by Catalyst Scholars. 
  • If Catalyst Scholars has already made an award and such fact is brought to light after the fact, the recipient might be asked to refund the disbursed funds immediately.
  • When making these decisions, the Board considers serious crimes to be those that carry an imprisonment of one year or more.
  1. International applicants need to make their travel arrangements to the US independently. The Catalyst Scholars cannot support a recipient’s visa application in any manner. International applicants who are not able to get the appropriate visas required to pursue their education in the US automatically forfeit their award. Recipients violating the terms of their visas also forfeit the award.
  1. The Catalyst Scholars might provide various forms of employment support and mentorship to recipients of The Catalyst $100K Award. However, The Catalyst Scholars does not guarantee employment during or after graduation. This is applicable for both US and international recipients. If international recipients are not able to find a job within the timeframe stipulated by their visa, it is their responsibility to in compliance with their visa rules at all times.
  1. The Catalyst Scholars award is only applicable for certain degree programs. Information about the eligible list of programs will be provided on the Catalyst Scholars website. This list is subject to change and any changes will be reflect on The Catalyst Scholars’ website. However, every recipient needs to be enrolled in a program that is accredited by a nationally recognized agency.
  1. Recipients and applicants agree to allow any data they provide before, as part of, or after their scholarship application to be used by The Catalyst Scholars for promotional purposes. The Catalyst Scholars will handle all applicant data according to data protection principles enshrined in US law. Applicants should email The Catalyst Scholars if they have any questions or concerns about data privacy.
  1. Scholars are expected to diligently follow the course of study at the program where they are enrolled. Catalyst Scholars will not pay for any courses that the recipient might need to retake. Recipients are also not allowed to transfer to a different institution.
  1. It is the applicant or recipient’s responsibility to keep Catalyst Scholars up to date with their latest contact details. Any missed communication due to incorrect or partial information being provided will be the applicant or recipient’s responsibility.

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